What To Ask When Choosing A Trucking Company

When you need to get something from one place to the other, truck companies in Australia become important to help you get things done. But when you look online, you’ll see that there are many Australian-owned and operated businesses handling logistics on an as-needed basis. So how do you know who to choose? 

It’s simple, you ask them the following questions:

Are the company’s services affordable?

Logistics is a profit-driven business, but that doesn’t mean you should be paying the same thing for a massive 16-wheeler as you should for a small truck. You want to make sure that the company is pricing its services as somewhat as possible and can answer your questions about what these costs are covering and where your money is going. 

How much investment is there in safety?

When you’re investing in a trucking company, you’re also investing in their drivers. So you should opt for a company that commits to keeping your items, their drivers, and other people on the road as safe as possible. This includes everything from manual handling, vehicle maintenance, drug and alcohol testing, dangerous goods transport policies, and load restraints to name a few. 

How much customer service is there?

Nothing is more frustrating than relying on a transport company, only to find out that they’re keeping you in the dark as to the progress of your delivery, and their process. This is why you want to choose a company that has established customer service on hand to help. 

When you call them, does a real person answer? If you need to get a hold of your driver, can you easily get in touch for any additional details they might need upon delivery?

Do they have a good reputation? 

The last thing to check is the company’s reputation. If they’re well known in the industry, they will already have a lot of positive reviews, and on top of these reviews, they will be doing their best to protect their reputation with best practices too. 

DSE Transport Fits the Bill

If you’re looking for a safe, organized trucking company to help you handle your needs, you can’t beat DSE Transport, the leading transport service in Australia. Since 1994, they have been leading innovations in road freight for almost 30 years. Not only will you always have a real person to guide you along the process, but you can rest assured knowing they are a safe, valued business with a proven track record. 

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