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This is Why Women Gravitate Towards Designer Bags

Designer Bags

It’s a mystery as old as time: why do women love designer handbags? There isn’t just one reason why women love making designer purchases, and it’s not as simple as just saying it’s an aesthetic choice.

So, let’s explore why the ladies can’t get enough of top-end products.

Lasting Choice

Because they are made of high-quality materials, designer handbags can last a long time. This goes for if you use them every day or only take them out for special occasions. Some people even pass down handbags over generations. However, to keep a bag lasting for decades, it needs the right care, and this is why designer bags come with dust bags to keep them safe between uses.

Keeps and Exceeds Its Value

You have probably noticed classic designer handbags on the arms of socialites and influencers, and it might seem like it’s just an aesthetic choice, but in reality, a well-chosen designer handbag is likely to both keep its value and exceed the initial purchase price over time, making it a great investment over time. This occurs because designer handbags are often made in limited editions, and as they become vintage, their retail value can exceed their value. As stated above your designer handbag can last long enough to become vintage due to the quality of these luxury brands’ products.

Stylish Options

Their lasting style is one reason ladies love bags from designer brands. If you choose a classic style of bag, it’ll remain stylish for decades. This is often why women like to invest in a range of bags from trendy to classy, so they can have something to wear in the moment and something to wear for decades to come.

One of the best things about designer bags is that they elevate your wardrobe, so you can dress simply, and let the bag do all the work.

Works of Art

Not only are designer handbags functional, but they are also works of art, which is often why they come with such a high price tag. Skilled designers make these items with not just quality in style, but with art in mind. They are then handmade by skilled artisans, who can even customise aspects of the bag for your exact needs, with options in different types of leather or different hardware options.

Exclusive Choices

It wasn’t always possible for people with money to walk into a store and buy a luxury bag. Often, a bag is exclusive and there is a waiting list or an approval process you need to go through to get the bag. This is because designer bags aren’t made in bulk, and exclusivity is a part of the process.

Certain bags are so exclusive that they have a year-long waiting list, and you can’t even choose the colour or make of the bag, the brand will offer you certain styles and that’s what you get.

Status Elevation

Women don’t just buy a luxury bag for the style or the functionality. The reality is that a luxury bag is a marker of your status as a woman in social circles. So If a woman wants to climb the social ladder, a prime luxury handbag is one way to achieve this.

Choose The Best Brand

Now that you know why women love luxury bags, there’s even more thought that goes into the brand. The reason is that only the best luxury brands carry the status, style and investment quality a lady is looking for. For example, the official LV site boasts a wide variety of monogrammed, modern handbags for women, and other brands such as Chanel will have more classic options on offer.

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