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Save Money and the Environment, Why Lab Grown Diamonds are the Better Option

As technology progresses and human knowledge evolves, things change, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse depending on the choices that we eventually make based on the knowledge we acquire. Humans have long been attracted to beautiful things as we value aesthetics and the sparkle of the diamond has led humans across the planet in search of them due to their value.

The high value of natural diamonds has also resulted in unethical practices in certain regions where forced labour and child labour are common, where diamonds are mined to finance conflicts (blood diamonds) and mining activities are conducted without any regard for the environment.

The advent of lab grown diamonds provides a solution to these negative aspects of natural diamonds and if you are looking to buy a diamond engagement ring or jewellery with diamonds, here are 3 reasons you should choose lab grown diamonds which are as good and as beautiful as natural diamonds at far more affordable prices.

Protecting the Environment     

Natural diamonds require a lot of digging and some studies indicate that for each carat (200 milligrams) a hundred square feet of earth needs to be excavated which is equivalent to almost 3 tons of mineral waste which has a drastic and negative impact on natural habitats.

Lab grown diamonds on the hand are created within the confines of a lab and require no mining. Natural habitats and eco systems do not get destroyed compared to a more carbon neutral wholesale diamond outlet which is often able to create new diamonds in a few weeks.

Avoid Conflict Diamonds (Blood Diamonds)

Despite the fact that conflict diamonds only make up 1% of total global supply of diamonds, this was not always the case as there was a time when the percentage was significant enough that anyone could be owners of conflict diamonds without realizing it.

Another factor is that, there is always a possibility that this is still happening or could happen again and again as long as there are those who would pay for these diamonds. With lab grown diamonds, the possibility of owning a blood diamond drops to zero.

Some diamond lovers have the notion that antique diamonds is an ethical option, but in truth, this is almost a complete lie as most natural diamonds have been recycled into smaller ones. The older a natural diamond is, the more likely that the stone was given precedent over human rights. These worries are not associated with lab grown diamonds in any way.

Bigger and Shinier Diamonds for Less than Half the Cost

Among the reasons that lab grown diamonds are becoming immensely popular and even exclusive jewellers and brands are getting into the game is because these diamonds cost less than natural diamonds not because of quality, but because of production methods.

Mining is an expensive endeavour and time consuming whereas lab grown stones are made in less than a month at a fraction of the cost.

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