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Flake Flooring: How to Choose Epoxy Flakes?

Flake Flooring Ideas

Flake floorings are increasingly popular in both residential and commercial sectors. People are much more knowledgeable about the benefits of epoxy-based floors. While the market has many other floor coatings, epoxy seems to be leading the pack.

Besides, epoxy floors have many variations that people love. One of them is epoxy flakes flooring. These flakes are added to the epoxy coating to add design and depth to the floor. You can choose the flakes you want, and your flake flooring services in Geelong can finish the job.

But how do you pick epoxy flakes?

Here are some factors you can consider when you have a line of options in front of you.

1. Your Desired Level of Durability

Epoxy is durable as it is, but it becomes even more impact-resistant when you add flakes to it. Consequently, it gets more durable. However, to ensure proper durability, you consider two questions:

  • Choice of flakes
  • How closely the flakes lay

The thickness of the epoxy coating varies based on the above two factors. If you happen to choose heavy to full coverage of flakes, the floor coating comes out to be five millimetres thick. And this thickness plays a critical role in forming a strong, durable coating.

2. Coverage Type You Like

Flakes come in various sizes, and the number of flakes will vary depending on the coverage you want. You can select your flake type and coverage and communicate it to your contractor. Then the professional will tell you if it is the right one for you.

For your understanding, coverage can be classified into four types:

  • Light coverage is 0.0097 kg per square metre.
  • Medium coverage is ​​0.0489 kilograms per square metre.
  • Heavy coverage is 0.1951 kilograms per square metre.
  • Full coverage is 0.7315 kilograms per square metre.

While these are general measurements, they can vary sometimes. Your professional flake flooring services in Geelong can provide further details.

3. The Flaws on the Surface

Some surfaces are flawed with cracks and holes. Flakes can camouflage such flawed surfaces better than normal epoxy coating. How you use epoxy flakes effectively is a different subject, but the general rule is that flakes can cover the flaws underneath.

Depending on the surface issue, your contractor will decide how close or far the flake can be laid on the surface. This is a matter for professionals, so try not to DIY.

4. Noise Dampening

Epoxy materials are known for being effective tools for noise dampening. For example, a garage is one place where the noise can be potentially higher than other areas of your home. For such areas, epoxy flake flooring is recommended.

The trick here is the closer the flakes are and the ticker the surface is, the better job it does in dampening the noise. You and your contractor can discuss your needs and decide the surface thickness and flakes’ proximity.

5. Hundreds of Colourful Options

Epoxy flakes are available literally in hundreds of unique colours. Generally, three coloured flakes are blended together to achieve an ideal balance of contrast. Without knowing this, people make wrong choices all the time and regret it later.

So, make sure to discuss your priorities before you begin the work. Get down to each detail and give a green signal only when you are confident of your choices.

You can either pick a pre-blended combo or personalise a new one. You will also have to decide how large or small you want the epoxy flakes to be. They usually range from around 1/32” to 1”.

6. Material of the Flakes

Flakes aren’t always made of one material. They come in various forms, from vinyl to acrylic to natural mica. Each material offers different characteristics and effects. For instance:

  • Vinyl flakes are popular for their durability and wide range of colour options.
  • Acrylic flakes are known for their resistance to fading and yellowing.
  • Natural mica flakes provide a unique shimmering effect.

So, when considering your options for flake flooring in Geelong, make sure to keep the material options in mind. Choosing a material that best suits your preferences and the desired visual effect can enhance the outcome.

7. Epoxy Flakes Shape

The way you can customise flakes material and colour, you can also customise the shape. Epoxy flakes can be in different shapes, such as square, round, or irregular. The shape of the flakes can impact the overall visual appeal of the flooring.

  • Square flakes offer a more uniform and organised appearance
  • Irregular or organic shapes provide a more natural and random look.

Therefore, you should choose the shape that complements your design aesthetic. Ask your contractor for their portfolio and check their previous flake flooring projects in Geelong similar to your requirements for a better understanding.

Final Thoughts

When experts suggest epoxy flooring, homeowners often think of the basic epoxy coating. However, it is worth knowing that epoxy can be personalised in no less than a million ways. From colour to material to shape, epoxy flakes can take any form you want.

If you want to explore such a wide range of options and find the right choice, professional help is crucial. An expert can help you in various ways throughout the process. It also ensures the best outcome possible, which can be uncertain with a DIY.

Lastly, Premium Concrete Resurfacing is an excellent choice for flake flooring services in Geelong. Their suggestions, work, and assistance are impeccable. Set up an appointment to learn more about their services and prices.

We hope you will find the best ideas with Premium Concrete Resurfacing.

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