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Finding the Perfect Chesterfield Sofa in Melbourne

Are you on the hunt for a Chesterfield sofa in Melbourne that will fit right into your home? Finding an ideal Chesterfield sofa that fits your style and budget can be a little challenging with so many options out there. In that case, you may want to take a look at this guide. Let’s have a look at some stores that can fit the bill.

Where to Buy Chesterfield Sofas in Melbourne?

Being quite an iconic design, the chesterfield sofa adds a great sense of style and elegance to your living room. Here are some of the top stores in Melbourne to buy one at a reasonable price:1

1. Classic Chesterfield

They are Factory direct. That means that they trade from their wholesale showroom and factory rather than via a conventional retail setup. They’ve got some great genuine leather.

Among their fantastic selection of chesterfields in Australia are chesterfield chairs, ottomans, and much more. Their chesterfield couch in Australia is made using traditional skills and careful attention to detail, including the richness of genuine leather and classic English designs.

2. Imperial Furniture

A contemporary home furniture store in Melbourne, Australia, Imperial Furniture has got a seriously good collection of Chesterfield furniture. Well-known for their beautiful chesterfield sofas in Australia, you can check out some of their unique designs that complement both traditional and contemporary settings. They work tirelessly to provide stylish furniture at cheap prices to our customer base.

3. Desired Living

Specialising in creating customised leather sofas, Desired Living focuses on developing custom-made contemporary couches for modern homes. Some of their other products include coffee tables, TV cabinets, and rugs. Founded in 2011, their aim is to provide affordable leather and fabric sofas without breaking the bank. They have a wide range of luxurious chesterfield sofas you can browse.

4. Distinctive Chesterfields

Distinctive Chesterfields has been handcrafting magnificent chesterfield sofas for many years. Manufactured to meet high standards, they use quality materials to craft their collection of furniture. They’ve also got a great collection of sofa beds as well as stools and chaise lounges that you can have a look at.

5. Collessione Chesterfield

Collessione Chesterfield is a Melbourne-based company crafting quality handmade furniture for residential and commercial sectors. Specialising in Chesterfield-style sofas and beds, each piece of furniture is carefully made from the quality leather, cloth, and timber frames. If you want to customise any furniture from their collection, they are happy to do so according to your exact requirements.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Chesterfield Sofa

When it comes to finding the perfect Chesterfield sofa in Melbourne, there are several aspects to keep an eye out for before making a purchase. A Chesterfield sofa is not just a piece of furniture, but an investment that can last for years if chosen wisely. Here are a couple of things to look out for:

  • Quality
  • Style
  • Size
  • Comfort
  • Budget
  • Maintenance
  • Seller Reputation

Go Ahead and Explore Chesterfield Sofas in Melbourne

If you’re looking for furniture stores in Melbourne and across Australia at a reasonable rate? Now that you’ve got all the information, you can check out the above stores. Whether you’re looking for a classic leather design or a unique velvet option, there is a Chesterfield sofa out there that will elevate your living space.

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